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So, it seems we should be doing some blog posts... here we go. Please remember that Bryan and I have full time jobs outside of The Tank Breakers however we are starting to put a lot more focus on our "digital presence". Based on some recent feedback at Reef Conservation Society's swap this past weekend we have realized we need to push our on-line information so keep checking back to see whats up. 

We have recently started making plans to create a larger set-up at home in order to increase our grow out of corals which will help us maintain our low prices. We are planning on housing 16 2ft by 4ft tanks to grow out LPS and softies. We have 3 2ft by 5ft tanks we picked up in our recent store buyout that will be the beginning of our acro system. 

Our current tanks will make up a new quaranteen system so that when we break a tank down we are not introducing unknown organisms into our main system. 


I guess thats all for now. 

We are going to Carlisle PA to pick up a tank tomorrow. Check out our website for details about what we got. I will also be posting on our Facebook page.